Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Tuesday

I have always loved Olivia's A&A posts over at Fresh Modesty, but instead of  posting on Thursday, I am going to do it on Tuesday.  Thursdays I hope to link up to Bramblewood Fashion's "I <3 Thursday."
So here goes!

- Tripping over your dog and falling flat on your face in the grass . . . and when your sister can finally stop laughing, she tells you it looked like a failed attempt of the caterpillar dance move.
-When you get locked in the garage, so you knock on the door and the random guy working in your laundry room lets you in.
- That moment when you get locked in the garage for a second time, and you are too embarrassed to have the worker-guy who is still in the laundry room let you in again, so you climb out the window with the neighbor watching from her front porch.
(I feel like more awkward stuff happens to me, but this is all I could remember.)

- Mud squishing through your toes.
- Meeting up with old friends you haven't seen in a long time and picking up right where you left off.
- Sauteed onions.  Yum!
- Having a friend that brings you dinner in the middle of the week.  For no special reason.
- "Sleepovers" with your nineteen year old sister that consist of talking and giggling late into the night.  (Lizzie and Jane's conversation under the quilt after the Meryton ball has always been one of my favorite P&P scenes because it reminds me so much of us.)
- Beautiful leaves, crisp air, and the first bonfire of fall.

What has been Awkward/Awesome about your week?