Tuesday, February 19, 2013

a snow day and a sick day

We don't get snow very often.  In fact, if ever a few flakes fall, people start going crazy.  Schools get delayed, traffic slows tremendously, and everyone rushes to the store to grab that gallon of milk and loaf of bread that is absolutely necessary for survival.  What if the power shut down?  Or the roads were closed? Or that light dusting of snow froze overnight and became deadly black ice?  Friends of ours hailing from Colorado found this extremely amusing, coming from a place where a few feet "isn't that bad."  Not to be mistaken however, I love snow.  The silent, flakes that swirls around, resting for a moment on your hair or sleeve, then melt away as quickly as they came.  But with cold weather and such come the sicknesses.  So, recently I've been using exorbitant amounts of tissues, listening  to my favorite songs over and over, and playing too many word games.  It's okay now and then though, right?

"The children outside all are laughing,
under the perfect skies the shapes and colors of the season
make me feel alive."
"There's an anchor that's pulling on my heart,
and it's deep in the water,
but it can't take me down."
"The dawn is fire bright
against the city lights.
The clouds are glowing now,
the moon is blacking out, is blacking out."

"If every building falls,
and all the stars fade,
we'll still be singing this song,
the one they can't take away."

"Wake up to the morning light,
wipe away the lonely night.
Let a brand new day wash over you."
 Song lyrics -
1. "Beautiful World" - Tim Myers
2. "Waking Life" - Schuyler Fisk
3. "Your Love is a Song" - Switchfoot
4. "Closer to Love" - Mat Kearney
5. "Hold On" - TobyMac

Monday, February 11, 2013


Seventeen years is a long time.  Having recently passed another milestone in my life, I have been mulling over the past years, my relationships with people, but mostly the ways I have grown and all the things I have learned.  And the good thing is, it never stops.  I am so blessed by the ability to constantly learn and apply the things I have learned, changing the way I view myself, the way I treat others, and ultimately the love I have for my Savior.

So here's to another year of:

Learning to spend more time outside, enjoying God's stunning creation.

Learning to really talk to people.  Not just skin deep, trivial, small talk kinda stuff, but heartfelt conversations where you laugh, and cry, and love each other.

Learning to keep climbing towards my goals, to shoot for the moon and land on a star, to follow my dreams.  And when the journey seems slow, pray and study the Scriptures to make sure my desires are aligned with God's word, and keep working, trusting God's will for my life.

Learning to spend more time with the people I love.  (Preferably while eating food that I love.  Like Thai Chicken Pizza.  Just sayin')

Learning to stand out. and not be afraid about what people think of me.

Especially when you look awesome like this chick.

And when you're wearing killer heels, everything is ok.  Even when that guy is staring at you like you're  insane.  You're not.

Learning to be silly.  I think I have this one down pat.  Life is short.

Learning to love fully and without restraint.  It's one of those things we can't live without.  And it's totally worth doing well.  When you treat someone with love, you are doing them (and yourself) one of the best favors I can think of.  Maybe they're hurting, or sad, or just having a bad day, but love can heal it all.  

Learning to think positively.   It really affects the way you act.

These awesome, gorgeous girls helped me understand the importance of being positive.
 And the importance of laughing more.   Like, all the time.   ;)

Learning to pray about everything.  Learning to give God everything.  All the honor, all the glory.  He deserves it.  I don't.

What are you learning?