Tuesday, February 19, 2013

a snow day and a sick day

We don't get snow very often.  In fact, if ever a few flakes fall, people start going crazy.  Schools get delayed, traffic slows tremendously, and everyone rushes to the store to grab that gallon of milk and loaf of bread that is absolutely necessary for survival.  What if the power shut down?  Or the roads were closed? Or that light dusting of snow froze overnight and became deadly black ice?  Friends of ours hailing from Colorado found this extremely amusing, coming from a place where a few feet "isn't that bad."  Not to be mistaken however, I love snow.  The silent, flakes that swirls around, resting for a moment on your hair or sleeve, then melt away as quickly as they came.  But with cold weather and such come the sicknesses.  So, recently I've been using exorbitant amounts of tissues, listening  to my favorite songs over and over, and playing too many word games.  It's okay now and then though, right?

"The children outside all are laughing,
under the perfect skies the shapes and colors of the season
make me feel alive."
"There's an anchor that's pulling on my heart,
and it's deep in the water,
but it can't take me down."
"The dawn is fire bright
against the city lights.
The clouds are glowing now,
the moon is blacking out, is blacking out."

"If every building falls,
and all the stars fade,
we'll still be singing this song,
the one they can't take away."

"Wake up to the morning light,
wipe away the lonely night.
Let a brand new day wash over you."
 Song lyrics -
1. "Beautiful World" - Tim Myers
2. "Waking Life" - Schuyler Fisk
3. "Your Love is a Song" - Switchfoot
4. "Closer to Love" - Mat Kearney
5. "Hold On" - TobyMac